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Free for all lottery

Written by Steven on Tuesday 28 April 2009
Recently we updated Tibia ML and introduced our lottery section. Our lottery section automatically gets the list of participants from the official forums so that you do not have to check the winners manually anymore. To make sure this works flawless we're going to organise a big lottery everyone can enter. It doesn't matter on which gameworld you are, all you need is a Tibia character.

The prices

So what can you win? It's not such a big price, but as you have to do nothing it's alright I guess Stick out tongue. The first price is a rune with 99 charges. The winner can choose what rune he wants. The second until the tenth place will get 5 Demonic Essences each. Or more visual:

  • 1st: 99x charged rune
  • 2nd - 10th: 5 Demonic Essences

There will be 150 available tickets. This means that you have a 6.67% chance to win something and a 0.67% chance to win the rune.

The rules

Basically only 1 rules applies and this rule is that you can only have 1 ticket per account. Therefore your characters can not be hidden and you must be at least level 15 (to prevent fraud). Obviously you can not be banned to participate. The first poster will get the first ticket, the second the second ticket and so on. Because of obvious reasons you can not choose your own ticket number (it would be such a mess).

Want to win?

Then take your chance and just post "I love Tibia ML" in the thread here. Winners will be drawn by our lottery script when all tickets are taken and the winners can be seen here. The items of the winners will be sent to their depot by CM Rejana.

Edit: All tickets are taken so the lottery is over. Congratulations to the winners.