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Tibia ML v2.1

Tibia ML v2.1

Written by Steven on Sunday 26 April 2009
It's been almost 4 months now, but it's finally done. The new version of Tibia ML is released to the public. Reason that this update took significantly longer then any previous update is that we rebuilt the core of our website engine. We changed our encoding from HTML 4.01 to XHTML 1.0 and we rebuilt our language functions. More about this you can read later in this blog post.

Rebuilt language functions

Our old language functions did their job but they returned some weird words as variables were not a part of the translation. Our new system makes the variable words part of the translation and therefore returns smoother and more correct translations. Also the way the data is handled has been changed. Instead of one by one translation of words, our new system will now attempt to do as much as possible in 1 time which results in a shorter loading speed for almost all web pages.


Instead of HTML 4.01 we now use XHTML (Extensible Hypertext Markup Language) 1.0. XHTML combines the markup of HTML with the syntax of XML. The switch to XHTML will make it easier for us to use plug-ins to display graphic demonstrations of statistics in the future. Furthermore our website is now completely validly coded which will make the look of the site in every browser about the same and will result in less errors.

New content boxes

We've replaced the old content boxes, with new ones. These new boxes have a header with a gradient and an icon on the top instead of the just plain gray boxes. The new boxes are all around the website now. Also some other minor layout tweaks have been done.

New content boxes

New comment system

We have changed a lot at our commenting system, both visible and invisible. To start with the invisible part, comments are now saved another way so they can be displayed faster. Visibly we removed the comment language and rating as most people just left the language on what it was and we think ratings don't fit comments. Replies have been replaced by quotes and we added some Ajax to the commenting system (look at this blog post).

New comment layout

Statistics and calculators

We've added 2 new sections to our website menu. One of these is the statistics section and the other one is the calculators section. The experience history has been moved to the statistics section and the loot calculator to the calculators section. Furthermore we've added 3 new calculators:

  • Travel calculator: Believe it or not but it can be used to calculate your travel costs. This calculator doesn't work 100% flawless yet.
  • Blessing calculator: Enter your level and see how much blessings cost and what advantages you get of buying them.
  • Experience calculator: Enter your level, the level you want to be, the % left to the next level and we calculate how much experience you still need to reach that level. Furthermore we'll tell you how many monsters of each kind you have to kill to reach the level you desire.

Special thanks to Aleex and Korni for help with the new calculators.

Lottery section

I guess about everyone knows that Erig closed it website recently. This caused a lot of problems as a lot of stuff went missing. I've noticed that it's a trend for people to start a fansite to cover a few sections of what Erig had and we had the same idea about the lottery script upon request from our forum users. So now we have a Tibia lottery section where people can create lotteries like they could do on Erig's lottery site before. We've added one extra feature, when you post your tickets and names of the buyers on the official forum in a specific format, our system will automatically get the names of the ticket holders and tell who won, instead of only ticket numbers.

Lottery winners

That were our most important website changes. There are a few minor other changes too, but they're not very important. Also, for now we plan to update our website monthly. Of course we can not tell if it will be exactly every month, but we'll do our best to reach this goal. The updates will be rather small with little changes as big changes take a longer time to develop.

Keep your eyes open as one of the next day we'll launch a competition everyone can win. All you need is luck Wink!