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Item competition

Written by Steven on Tuesday 14 April 2009
As a supported fansite we can have our own Tibia item which we can give away in competitions we organize. We're not such good designers, so we're decided to make a competition from it. He or she who designs the best item for Tibia ML will get the item in-game and we'll use it in future competitions.

The best items will be submitted to Jan, the graphic artist of CipSoft, and he will make the final decision about the winning item which will be used in-game. Furthermore you'll be the first owner of this item and the 3 best submissions will receive 30 days of premium time as well as a tome with a color of their choice.

What do you need to do?

The item you'll be designing will be the unique event item of Tibia ML and we'll use it as a reward in future contests. Only we can give it away, so it will be a rare and rather exclusive object. The item should be related to Tibia ML, so in your submission you have to explain why it fits our website. The item has to be exactly 32 on 32 pixels, black frame. The style should be similar to the other Tibia graphics. The file format should be either png or bmp. The winning item will be introduced into Tibia with this years summer update.

The submitted items must be made by you and cannot contain copyrighted parts. Fake ownership declarations will be punished by an exclusion of our competition and a ban from our website. Furthermore all submitted items should be made for this competition only and not been submitted to anything else neither in the past nor in the future.

Does this sound as something you're good in? Or maybe you just want to give it a try. Let your creativity work and design an item for us. You can of course submit multiple items but the same person can only win once. Be aware that only the best 3 items will win and only the best one will be used in-game.

Important notes

The competition will end on Sunday May 3rd 2009, 12.00 PM CEST. All submissions should be posted in our forum or mailed to me before the end of the competition. All items submitted after this time will be excluded from winning.

The item you design must be decoration, a fun item or furniture. Your item can not increase a characters skills or statistics. If your item is furniture it should be takable, so solid feature is not allowed but for example a bedside lamp will be all right. You can create an animated item but then you should post all frames (in png or bmp format) of the item as well as an animated gif file.


Tibia ML remains the rights to discard submissions if we think they're unsuitable for our website and do not fit our concept. CipSoft reserves the right not to use any of the items and design their own item to put in game as the unique item of Tibia ML. All entries become the property of CipSoft and upon participation, you agree CipSoft has the right to edit and/or publish it. All rights for subsequent publication are held by CipSoft. Once the item has been created as sprite and been added to the game, it becomes property of CipSoft. If you win the competition you'll have to sign a document for CipSoft in which you agree that they can use your design for Tibia.


Before you submit your item, please check if your item fits all requirements below:
  • Size is exactly 32 x 32 pixels
  • It's saved as PNG or BMP, for animated items all frames are posted
  • It's decoration or furniture
  • It's related to Tibia ML
  • It's your work and is not used anywhere before

If your item fits the above requirement, post it on our forum as well as a description of the item and an explanation of how it fits Tibia ML.

Good luck and may the best win Smile.