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Tibia ML 3D

Tibia ML in 3D - April fools

Written by Steven on Wednesday 01 April 2009
With the new technology Google launched today you're able to view the internet in 3D. We've tested this and it works well with our website too. Curious how Tibia looks in 3D? Download Google Chrome 3D, print the 3D glasses on transparent paper and view our Tibia screenshots to see how Tibia looks in 3D.


How will it look like? We tested it. Of course we can not show you how it looks like without you wearing the 3D glasses, but this is how it looks without wearing the 3D glasses:

Tibia ML 3D

Will Tibia be in 3D soon too? Maybe soon it will be Big grin.

Edit: This was an April fools' joke, sorry no 3D Tibia or internet.