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TibiaWeb preview

Written by Steven on Wednesday 11 March 2009
Have you ever thought about creating your own Tibia fansite? Do you want to create a website for your gameworld or guild? Or maybe you want to create a blog to keep a record of your Tibia adventures? With TibiaWeb all of this will be possible. TibiaWeb is a new Tibia fansite that will soon be released. On this website everyone can make his/her own Tibia fansite.


TibiaWeb will use pseudo-databases. This means that you can use the same features then if you would have a database without the need of a database. No knowledge of scripting or anything else is required. Our website will use our self-designed BBvars language. BBvars is an easy to use language based on BB codes that you use mainly on forums. Our manual will explain in detail how you could build your own BBvars code. After you added a code template created in BBvars the script will generate a form for you and you can easily add pages using this code template.

You can use these BBvars to create upload fields, text areas, input boxes, check boxes, radio buttons, link fields, numeric input boxes... You can combine as much as you want, so you can easily create a page to add for example a quest in which you create a field for the quest name, level required, the monsters you encounter, if it's premium or not, the guide and so on. This might all sound a little hard to use at first, but after reading our manual (which will come later) it should be clear to you what we mean.

Coming soon