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Plans for 2009

Written by Steven on Wednesday 21 January 2009
As a new year has started three weeks ago it is maybe a good moment to write what our future plans are with Tibia ML. Last year we did a major update with a lot of changes on August 19. The biggest changes we did were the redesign of the site and the website skins, the damage prediction for weapons, the possibility for people to add their characters to their account and to keep a quest checklist, the first release of the profit calculator, the customizable item pages...

Later in 2008 we added the experience history showing the experience progress the top 300 players of every world made. Further we did some small changes and on the beginning of 2009 we added the update for the loot calculator in which you can upload or copy your party channel.

We're currently working on the next update for Tibia ML. This update will take a little longer to be finished because we're recoding the entire site into xhtml (Extensible Hypertext Markup Language) instead of html. We'll also reduce the amount of javascript used and increase the use of Cascading Style Sheets to speed up our website. We'll also implant a lot of new Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript) features which will, for example, make it possible to post comments without reloading the page like illustrated in the movie below.

A few things you can expect later this year:
  • a travel calculator with which you can calculate the cheapest path to travel from one location to another;
  • a log of your friends actions on Tibia ML, which will show who uploaded new screenshots, added movies, posted a comment...
  • RSS feeds for news, last uploaded screenshots and last added movies;
  • statistics in which you can see how many people visited your member page, screenshots, movies...
  • new languages into which the site will be translated;
  • quest screenshot and movie sharing and comment posting;
  • a real life picture section;
  • a calculator to check a time given in a specific time zone in your own time;
  • a list with the last added movies;
  • some kind of polling section;
  • and so on.