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social groups

Group forums

Written by Steven on Friday 09 January 2009
Do you want to make a forum for you and your friends? Or maybe for your guild or gameworld? Now everyone can make his/her own forum board at Tibia ML.

To do this go to the social groups on our forum and click on create a new group. Fill in the form to set up your group.

Create group forum

At the group options you can select "Public", "Moderated" or "Invite only". Public means that everyone can join the group. Moderated means that you've to accept the members who want to join before they can do anything in the group and invite only means that only members you invited can join the group. Furthermore you can allow people to post messages or upload screenshots into the group.

After you have set everything like you want, just click submit and your group is created. Later you'll be able to upload an icon for your group, to upload screenshots, to post messages...

Social group page