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Loot calculator

Loot calculator

Written by Steven on Thursday 01 January 2009
After one and a half month of recoding we have released a new version of Tibia ML which is generally better in the way the information is collected from our database, but there are a few other changes too. A first one is that long articles, guides and quest guides now have a table of contents on the right top. In here you can click on a link to go to that section of the article, guide or quest. An example of such table of contents can be seen on the Vampire Hunter quest. Furthermore on the quests page you can now see the quest checklists of the top 10 Tibia players by level that registered on our site and created a quest list visible to everyone.

Table of contents

Registered users now have the option to set movies so they automatically start playing when they're opened. The BB code in guestbook entries is now parsed into the correct html codes. The special event theme dates have been changed a little. A galaxy theme has been added to the theme store, free to use for every registered user as a New Year's present to all of you.

The quest progress bar has now been split up into several new progress bars. We have new metrics for mainland quests without exchange and spawn quests, for Rookgaard quests, for outfits and addon quests, for premium account quests and for free account quests. An example of the new quest progress bars can be seen on my Harmonia's characters page, Fox Mc Cloud.

Quest progress bar

Our biggest change however is the addition of our loot calculator. Copy your party channel into the textarea or upload your saved party channel and let us calculate the profit you made on your hunt.

Loot calculator