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Making website themes

Making website themes

Written by Myst'Sharion on Wednesday 17 December 2008
When the first version of Tibia ML was launched, we had an idea to let users customize the website as much as possible. Therefore the credit system has been added, so our members could buy backgrounds for the website and use them later on. After a few months the website was updated to second version with a completely new look. It took us a lot of time to prepare the new version. One of the main features was an advanced member panel with unique options.

We started the new Tibia ML with 7 website themes. The jungle theme was default for all users and guests. Registered members could also use the fire theme for free. Besides that, there were few themes which could be bought with credits as well as special themes for premium members. Since then, new themes are being added regularly.

Today we would like to tell you how new website themes are made. Like everything, creating a new theme starts with an idea. We are often brainstorming and sharing our ideas. When we decide which idea is the best, the graphic works can be started.

Each theme contains four graphic elements, the main background, theme image, website logo and footer. Usually the logo is first to be made. It usually contains elements referring to the rest of theme. The animation below shows how a logo is made in few steps.


The next thing that has to be done is the theme image. Usually, we use already existing graphics for that, nowadays CipSoft’s artworks, like this Worker Golem. The creature has to be cut from the image, resized and put on transparent background. Part of the image has to be outside the main background and a shadow is added to give it a 3D look.

Main image

Once we have the logo and the image, a fitting background has to follow. The most important thing is to make the background repeating itself. The background image is usually around 250-300 pixels wide and it can be multiplied several times in right and left direction. Of course it is crucial that the background fits the rest of the theme in colours. Usually it takes most time to make this part of the theme. Once again, I will show it in a short animation.


The last part is a footer, which is usually similar to the top background.

After all the graphics are made, the theme has to be coded and can be added to our theme shop. From now on, you can buy the factory theme using your credits.

We hope you will find a theme that suits you the most in our shop. Rest assured that we will keep adding new themes regularly, so you can always find something nice for yourself.

Tibia ML designer