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iGoogle Gadget

iGoogle gadget

Written by Steven on Monday 08 December 2008
After doing some investigation regarding the amount of people using iGoogle, we decided to give it a try and make our own iGoogle gadget.

iGoogle is a customizable page in which you can add gadgets, links, RSS feeds, mini games... You can also select a theme for the page and add own made gadget. It's similar to Netvibes, My yahoo! and Pageflakes. It's available in most of the worlds languages.

The gadget that we made can be added to your iGoogle homepage in case you use this. From this gadget you can easily look up information about Tibia items, creatures, quests, characters, gameworlds... and find screenshots and movies from the subject you're seeking for. The search will lead you to the corresponding information page on Tibia ML.

Tibia Search

To add this gadget to your iGoogle homepage, follow this link. We hope you enjoy our gadget and your suggestions to improve it are always welcome.