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Tibia ML v2.0.3

Aesthetic Tibia ML update

Written by Steven on Monday 17 November 2008
After one and a half months of work we have launched the next version of our website. Tibia ML version 2.0.3 has a lot of layout improvements, a few bug fixes and one new section.

The most noticeable change is the website navigation. We've enchanted the menu by adding small images in front of the category names.

Website menu update

Also the screenshot uploading system has been updated. Before the process took quite some time as it was in four different steps, but we have reduced this to one step in which the green fields are required and the grey fields are optional. Screenshot editing uses the same system now and it's now possible to change the category of uploaded screenshots. Also the template to add new albums has been changed.

Upload screenshots

Articles, newsposts, guides and interviews now have a slightly improved header. The news archive layout has been made easier to view which date belongs to which newspost.

Our website skins have been improved too. Most images have been compressed so they load faster and take less bandwidth. Our CSS has been improved and useless or double entries have been deleted. The images on top will no longer float over content and the problem with the large white area between the website content and the footer has been solved.

The weight of a characters equipment and the capacity he/she has left when carrying this equipment has been added to the character page.

Character equipment weight

On the experience history page you can now check how many characters of each gameworld have been registered with Tibia ML.

Registrations per gameworld

When you get a new private message and you're on the website, you'll now see an alert box in the website navigation below the language box.

New PM alert

Other website changes:
* Premium website membership can now be bought with credits you earn by posting on our forum or commenting newsposts, images, movies...
* The pagination bug in albums of users with a space in their name has been fixed,
* Usernames on top credit holders now link to their website page instead of forum,
* You can now select containers for your arrow slot to show in your equipment,
* New top bar on screenshot pages,
* Smarter URL creator for articles, screenshots, news and movies,
* On member pages the "mini statistics" box is now made smaller and recently added movies have been added to the sidebar of the member pages,
* The flash banners on the homepage have been removed because they didn't work with the latest flash update,
* Bugs in articles with accents in the title have been fixed,

Last but not least, we have added a movie section to our website. In this new section you can view Tibia and non-Tibia movies in 16 different categories. You can add your own YouTube movies by just entering the URL on our website and you can comment and rate all movies.