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Visitor capabilities

Visitor capabilities

Written by Steven on Tuesday 28 October 2008
When designing and programing a website you've to keep in mind the capabilities of your target group. What browser do your visitors use? Do their browsers support javascript? What is their operating system? What screen resolution they have? These kind of things are important when working on a website. For example, the website should work good in all browsers that are frequently used by your visitors and your sites width should be fitting most of your visitors screens. If you want to make a website suiting everyone, it will be less nice then when aiming on the latest technology, so you've to make choices.

When we first started Tibia ML our design was smaller then 800 pixels to fit all computer screens, even the oldest. When we created Tibia ML v2 we have chosen to make the layout wider so that we would have more space for our content, with the disadvantage that people with a screen resolution of 800x600 wouldn't see our website anymore without horizontal scrolling. This is about 5.36% of our target group. The disadvantage these people will have when browsing our website was, according to us, not significantly big enough to cover the advantage the 94.64% the remaining visitors would get from a wider website. Thus we took a wider design.

Screen resolution

A website should also work in as many browsers as possible. Tibia ML is tested in Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3, Opera 9.6, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and PlayStation 3. The website should also work fine in other versions of these browsers. For internet Explorer we experienced a problem with alpha-transparency of PNG images, thus we fixed the biggest images with a javascript file. Some images might have a grayish background due to this issue. Upgrading to Internet Explorer 7 will fix this. 58.18% of our visitors use Internet Explorer. 63.83% of these use Internet Explorer 7 and 35.39% uses Internet Explorer 6. Internet Explorer 8 is used by 0.66% of the Internet Explorer users and 0.11% uses older versions of Internet Explorer. 37.64% of our visitors have chosen for Firefox as their browser. 69.39% of those use the latest version, Firefox 3; the others use version 2. Also Opera and Google Chrome are used by our visitors.


Another thing to keep in mind is if visitors browsers support javascript. With the use of javascript, nice effects can be made, such as page changes without reloading the page (programmed in Ajax). 92.20% of our visitors support javascript, so most visitors can use our Ajax features.

Java support

Note: All statistics used above are statistics based on the data of the visitors of Tibia ML between 26 September 2008 and 26 October 2008. Tibia ML does not give any kind of guarantee that the statistics above are correct. Data can not be used for commercial purposes and can not be reposted without permission.