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Experience histories

Experience histories

Written by Steven on Tuesday 30 September 2008
Today we've launched a new website section covering experience highscores and histories. Every day we log the top 300 experience points of the official Tibia site and we save this data into our database. With this data we present you the top 300 players based on experience for every world and individual highscores for each player within this top. To go to this section follow the "Experience history" link in our menu.

Experience histories

World experience highscores

Experience data is saved for every character and for every day after 13 August 2008. We'll keep logging the experience and will store all data so that you can look up the experience points you gathered every day after 13 August, the corresponding level and the corresponding rank.

Player experience history

When you view the experience history of a top 300 player you can compare this experience points with your own experience points if you're a registered member. The experience points you got is calculated from your level if you're not a top 300 player yourself. These points are then compared to the experience points of the top 300 player and the page will show the percentage of this points that you got.