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Small update

Written by Steven on Sunday 31 August 2008
We have done a small website update to fix a few bugs and add a few new features. Below is a list of the 3 most important website changes.

1. Registered users can now report unsuitable screenshots and comments using the report function on these pages. The report function for screenshots can be found below the number of views (above the image on the right side) and those for comments can be found below each comment. Reports are now visible to the person who made the report so you can follow the status of your reported posts, images, comments... Please do not "play" with the report function and only make reports when needed. Various bad reports can lead to a punishment.

2. Comments on screenshots, newsposts, blog entries and articles now have a bar above the comments showing the total number of comments and the number of comments shown. The number of comments shown depends from the selected option your website settings. Also at the bar you have an option to show comments in all languages or in your language only. This saves you from manualy editing this setting in your account panel every time.

3. In your options it is now possible to select a default language to go to when you enter the website using www.tibiaml.com. Before the option was selected from your browser but we can imagine that some people prefer to go to the English site instead of to their own language, or that people prefer to go to their own language site but have an English browser. If you set this option to the requested language and if you stay logged in, this problem should be solved.