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Fusion with TibiaNordic

Written by Saint Louis on Tuesday 26 August 2008
I'm Saint Louis, an American that has been a part of Tibianordic since the beginning where it was a formation between two small fansites called Tibia.no and TibiaSwe in order to be supported and to have more members. The first few months after the formation of the two websites couldn't have been any better. There was great response to the new and much approved website, there were tons of new features that couldn't be done on it's own... Things were going great, people were getting along, but not everyone was happy. We were still not getting the numbers we expected and we weren't supported.

A few months passed and some things changed. The founding member of Tibia.no left and the website was going downhill. After getting less and less popular, due to nearly non existance updates to the website, nearly all the original staff left the team and the site pretty much just shutted down. After a period of time of just forum activity, Steven accuired TibiaNordic. Once steven took over things got a little brighter and the website got updated a little, but still not at the level required to prevent the site from dying. More and more people were let down with the site not being updated.

Now after nearly a year since Tibianordic first opened it's door to the people of Tibia, it is time for a drastic change. There has been many ideas of how to do this, and the best way to fix the major problem was to hook it up with a suitable partner (yet again). Steven offered the opportunity to do a mutual fusion with Tibia ML.

Now the fusion is completed and the full effect of the bond won't be realized for another few weeks, but this is the best thing that could have happened to TibiaNordic. With the great ideas of the combined new staff team, and the bountiful reasources we got at our hands, there is no reason why Tibia ML can't be one of the biggest and best Tibia Fansites around. It's a great thing to see people work together for a common good, but to work together for the common good in multiple languages is an even larger challenge. The challenge to do this has been more than hard, but with the effort from people all around the world has made it easier. I'm glad to say this with all the work I've put into TibiaNordic: "Hello, and welcome to the new Tibia ML".

Saint Louis