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Tibia Flash Client guide

Written by Empire Champion on Sunday 27 March 2011


The flash client CipSoft was talking about for so many months finally arrived! On March 23, the beta test started. In this guide, you can find information about most new features from the flash client. Ofcourse it's possible something changes after this beta test, but don't worry, this guide will be updated once the real client is online.

Why the flash client?

Since the beginning of Tibia, CipSoft kept on improving the client. Right now, the normal client has a lot of options, like hotkeys, ambient light, VIP list, status bars,... However, some players wanted more. Some players dreamed about editting game window like they wanted. This is what CipSoft tried to make possible with the flash client. A lot of new options were added in the flash client but remember, most of these options wont be possible in the normal client! Keep on reading to learn more!

How to start?

To login on the flash client, you don't need to download any program, you can just play it via your browser. What you have to do is go to the tibian website (this site will be anounced when we know it, currently it's a test website).
First, go to the website (site) and click on "play now". Enter your account number and password and click on the "play" button. Now a new window will open. The client will load now. This can take a while the first time you log in. Next, you'll be conected to the game world and you see this screen:

Click on the image to enlarge it
Enlarge image: screenshot 1

This is the first you see when you log in to the game

The game window

As you can see in the previous picture, the game window of the flash client looks a lot different than the one from the normal client. On the following picture and the list below, you can find some information about the different icons on the screen.

Click on the image to enlarge it
Enlarge image: screenshot 2

An explanation of the different parts can be found in the next sections.

1) The game window
2) The status bar
3) The chat box
4) The "sidebar box"
5) Hotkey arrows
6) Arrows to sidebar (see 7)
7) The sidebar

The game window

Not much changed in the game window. It became a little bit smaller, but in this flash client you can very easy adjust the size of it by opening or closing sidebars (see further).

The status bar

There a some options you can change about the status bar. You can put it on 4 (actually 5, see "options" for more info) different places on your game window: where you can see it now (down of your game window), right/left of your game window and on top of your game window.
In the status bar, you can also see some extra icons as you can see on the next screenshot.

Screenshot 3

There are new icons for different things. More will be added when we have more pictures

The chat box

Also some changes were made in the chat box. As you can see on the left side, there's a box with "say". This box will replace the old yelling icons. If you click on it once, "yell" will apear and if you click again, you can "whisper" something. At the right side, there are two new boxes. When you login, you can see the box "chat on". If you click on this box, you'll turn of the chat and you can use the hotkeys assigned to the keyboard (see hotkeys). Right of this box, you see "Set 1". This is set 1 of your hotkeys. Indeed, as many requested, you can now make 8 different sets of hotkeys. Just click on it to change the set!

Click on the image to enlarge it
Enlarge image: screenshot 4

The new chat box

Right on top of the box you see a small place with an arrow. Here, you can open a secondary view. For example, if you are talking with someone important, but also tons of other people, you can drag a channel into this box and the text will appear below. You can see this on the screenshot.


Secondary view

You can also change the colour of the different messages in your chat. For more info, see "options"

The "sidebar box"

Here you can choose different windows you can open in your sidebars. The icons from left to right: "General Controls", "Combat Controls", "Minimap", "Inventory", "VIP list", "Battle List", "Trades" and "Containers".
You can find more info about these windows at "The sidebar" part. This box is not moveable.


Different icons on top of the sidebar

Hotkey Arrows

One arrow on each side of the screen (left, right, top, bottom). If you click on one of these, you can see the hotkeys you added to that box. To add hotkeys, you have to go to "options" (see general controls) and edit them. Another thing you can do is right click on a box (for example t1), select "edit action" and add the hotkey you want.

Click on the image to enlarge it
Enlarge image: 9

One of these bars is at each side of the window

To add a text to a hotkey, select "say text". Type the text in the window and hit "okay". To add a spell or rune, select "cast spell", search the spell you are looking for and hit "okay". With some spells, like exura sio or utevo res, you can add a parameter. Here you can add the name of a monster or a friend and if you hit the hotkey, your monster will be automaticly been summoned or your friend will be healed.
To use a hotkey, you can do two different things. You can open your hotkey bars, and double click on the hotkey you want. You can also just select a key from your keyboard, any key. How to do this, you can see at "options".


This is how to edit the action for the hotkey


Probably, next to your game window, the most important window of the game. At the sidebar, you can choose what windows you open, and where you place them. You can place them on 4 different places. To open/close your sidebars, you'll have to click on the arrow you can see under number 6 at the second screenshot.
As you can see, there are two arrows at each side. This means, you can open two sidebars at each side of your window. You can for example, when you are hunting open a sidebar with a battle list and combat controls.
On the next screenshot, you see two open sidebars. You can drag different windows to different sidebars and this way you can choose where you place a certain window. As you can see on the screenshot, on top of every sidebar is a sidebar box. If you click on the "combat control" button at the left sidebar, this window will apear at this sidebar. However, if you click on the combat control button at the right sidebar, the window at the left sidebar will disappear and appear at the right sidebar. This means you cannot open two identical windows in different sidebars.
Note that when you have both sidebars on one side open, your game window will become smaller.


Example of two sidebars, each with a sidebar box at the top

There are 8 different windows you can open at the sidebar. More information about them can be found in the next paragraphs.

General Controls


The general controls window

As you can see, there are five different buttons in here. It is obvious when you hit the "Logout Character" box, you'll logout (first you'll get a warning screen). If you click on "change character", you see a list of all your characters and you can log in on another one. [colour=red]Quest Log[/colour=red]. If you click on "Character Profile", you see this:


The character profile

As you can see on the screenshot, you can find the skills, level, experience and so on here. Note the number before and after the "/". The number before is you skill with equipement, the number behind it is your real skill.
Also note the new "speed" and "food". When you eat something, you'll get filled up with food. Each food has a different amount of time it regains mana and health. You can see this time here.

If you click on the "options" button, you can edit your options.


The options window

Here you can change some general options as you can see in the screenshot.

Most of the things here aren't new, except for "scale window", which replaces the old "don't strech/shrink game window" and a "level separator" bar. Moving the arrow on this bar will allow you to make the levels below you more or less visible. If you put it on 1.00, the levels below you are black and you can't see anything below (for example if you are standing on the top of a roof).

Under "Own Character in Game Window", you can choose how you see your character. If you select classic at style, you see yourself the old way. However, if you select "HUD", you see your health and mana bar around your character.
At "Status Bar", you change the place of the status bar on your screen, you can change the style of it and you can choose to show a certain progress bar.

This totally new option makes it possible to select the colour of the different messages you see sometimes, some examples are "private chat", "look", "status", "experience of others",...

Here you can change your hotkeys. When you open this tab, you see the "standard hotkeys" on top of the list. Some hotkeys are already assigned. To change the first key, just double click on it, and hit the key you want. Note that, if you have at your chat box, your "chat on", you cannot select keys from your keyboard as a hotkey!
When you scroll down the list, you see the other hotkeys: T1 - T30, B1 B30, L1 - L30 and R1 - R30. This means you can add 120 different hotkeys, and even choose where you see them on your game window: top, bottom, right or lef.

Ignore List
The ignore list still works the same as it used to.

Combat Controls


The Combat Controls

The six icons you see at the left, are about the same as they are now. However, 1 new was added. The foot you can see is a button to mount. If you click on it, you can mount. Right of this box, you see a sword. If you hit this, your character will stop with all his actions.

Battle List


The Battle List

In the battle list, 5 new buttons are added. By selecting or deselecting them, you can choose what you see in your battle list.
From left to right: "Hide Players", "Hide NPCs", "Hide Monsters", "Hide Non-Skulled Players" and "Hide Party Members".

Other Options

There might be some other options I don't know of yet. However, when the client will be finally released, we'll read this guide again and correct changes and add new features!

Stay Tuned!