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Level 150

Level 150

Up Frost Dragon !!

Up Frost Dragon !!

Quick Ranger: Episode 4, The ancient desert
Quick Ranger: Episode 4, The ancient ...
The life of Quick Ranger - Trailer
The life of Quick Ranger - Trailer
The life of Quick Ranger: The Beginning
The life of Quick Ranger: The Beginning
Posted by CipSoft on 06 May 2015


Z.Z.: "Be greeted Rotem Valos."

Rotem Valos: "Welcome to the Adventurers' Guild, my friend."

Z.Z.: "It is said that your guild is looking for adventurers. I have travelled the world several times already. I would deem it an honour if you allow me to offer my service."

Rotem Valos: "We can always need a hand in cartographing Tibia. Our map of the world can't be detailed enough. Talk to me if you're interested or if you already have a map and lost it."

Z.Z.: "What map are you talking about?"

Rotem Valos: "There are a lot of dark corners in this world. Not nearly have we uncovered even half of them. We need help in cartographing the world - interested?"

Z.Z.: "Yes, of course!"

Rotem Valos: "Alright, here is a map of Tibia including some areas we have marked only vaguely. It can be folded and shows various locations above and below sea level. I will also give you a list of interesting spots and landmarks we have not covered. If you venture there in your travels - please try to draw them on your map as good as you can. The more adventurers to help us, the more detailed our maps will become!"

Z.Z.: "Great. I will spread the word. I appreciate your faith in me. I will not disappoint you. Farewell, Rotem Valos!"

Rotem Valos: "Good bye, young adventurer." image2

Now, this is a mission that suits me fine. I am on the road again. Finally! Time to dust my walking boots and my hiking backpack. I guess I will also have to visit Gorn in Thais before I start my journey. I need more papers for my travel diary, and a new inkwell won't hurt as well...

See you in Tibia!
Your Community Managers
Posted by Steven on 06 Aug 2013
Tibia has a ton of spells for you to choose from, either as a spell rune or as an instant spell. The spells available depend on your vocation and if you have a premium account or not. E.g. a free account sorcerer will have very different spells then a royal paladin.

To help people learn more about spells we want to make a library of spell screenshots. This way newer players can learn more about the different spells available in Tibia. To help us get all those screenshots, we need your help. Sounds interesting, check out the spell action shot contest rules and win in-game Tibia items.

Spell Action Shot Contest
Posted by Steven on 05 Jul 2013
Check out our first batch of test server screenshots.

Click on the image to enlarge it
Enlarge image: Test Server
Posted by Lady Malvada on 25 Jun 2013

Master Kelthers 400

Another day to remember in Julera's history.
Congratulations Master Kelthers! You have finally achieved your goal.
Best wishes for continued success!