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Rookstayer Lvl 50 and archiviement

Rookstayer Lvl 50
and archiviement

Aquí casual subiendo level en Frost. ^.-

Aquí casual
subiendo level en
Frost. ^.-

Dando una vuelta por Crystal Wand Quest

Dando una vuelta por
Crystal Wand Quest

hunt knight lvl 50+...  gs and "mama long legs"
hunt knight lvl 50+... gs and "mama ...
how to tame donkey
how to tame donkey
how to get blessings
how to get blessings
Posted by CipSoft on 07 Jun 2015
yuoou like to spend your free time at the coast and watch the sheer endless motion of majestic waves? The infinity of the ocean is like an island of tranquility for your restless soul? You just love the salty taste and the rough wind of the sea?

You want to show the world that you are indeed a son or a daughter of the submarine kingdom? Then our brand-new seaweaver outift will perfectly suit you.

If you are also looking for a waterproof companion, who joins you on your journey through the Tibian seas, the plumfish, the coralripper, or the sea devil might be the right choice for you.

Once bought and assigned to one of your characters, you can wear the outfit and ride the mount ingame anytime, no matter if you are a free account or a premium account. The outfit is purely cosmetic and does not bestow any benefits.

Your Community Managers
Posted by CipSoft on 03 Jun 2015
Along with the new content we will also release some changes that are based on player proposals with this year's summer update:

Achievements for ingame mounts:

From the summer update on, players will receive an achievement for every mount they will tame or already have tamed ingame. Please note that you will not get any achievements for mounts you can buy via the Tibia payment system; except the "Natural Born Cowboy" achievement, which is given to every player the first time he rides a mount.

More items sellable to NPCs:

The NPCs Gnomission, Grizzly Adams and Rashid will extend their offer of items that players can sell to them. A detailed list with all items and their prices will be available during the test server phase.

Deal more damage with own runes:

In order to make it more attractive to create and use your own runes and ammunition, the efficiency of runes and ammunition which you can buy from NPCs will be reduced with this year's summer update.

avafire Therefore, the damage output of the following NPC runes will be decreased:
Light magic missile, heavy magic missile, fireball, sudden death, stalagmite, icicle, holy missile,great fireball, explosion, avalanche, stone shower and thunderstorm.

heal1ultFurthermore, the healing outcome of intense healing and ultimate healing runes bought from NPCs will be lowered as well.

arrarr2In addition, the following ammunition will also deal less damage if bought from NPCs: arrows, explosive arrows, bolts, power bolts, sniper arrows, piercing bolts, simple arrows.

Please note that those changes only apply to the mentioned runes if they are bought from NPCs. All in all, this means that you will benefit from using player-made runes and ammunition after the release of the summer update.

Furthermore, please note that the final reduction of the efficiency of the afore-mentioned runes and ammunition is not decided yet. We plan to start the test with a decrease of 10% compared to the current state. Depending on the feedback we will receive during the test server phase we might change it.

Your Community Managers
Posted by CipSoft on 01 Jun 2015
Day XIII...


Location: Edron
Risk: medium
Creature/Enemy activity: medium
Next to the famous stone circle, I found a cave entrance. Steps, hewn in stone, are leading downstairs to a necropole. This undead city extends over several floors and you should not enter it carelessly. Update

This place is a huge tomb, full of undead creatures. The deeper you go, the harder you have to fight to survive. I am not sure if I am right, but according to my observations, it seems this place is ruled by the noblest of all undead: vampires...

I guess I have enough notes now to travel back to the Adventurers' Guild and to present them the results of my journey...

Posted by CipSoft on 30 May 2015
Day XI...

How about those Tibians?

Location: Edron
Risk: high
Creature/Enemy activity: high
I continued my journey in Edron and traveled to the graveyard at the North. There I found some stairs, that lead to an underground castle ruin and rambling catacombs.

That was an adventure to my taste. It reminded me of the old good times, when I was a young, strong, and brave warrior. Back in those days, I wielded my blade like no one else, and also my magical skills were much more impressive than they are today...Update

Down in the ruins, many forgotten heroes and their followers were waiting to cross swords with someone who really loves to fight.
This battle was what I call a fountain of youth. Unfortunately, I am not the young fighter anymore...
I was exhausted very fast and I had no option but to retreat. Nevertheless, I will come back prepared and trained. And then I will challenge every single opponent I will find down there...