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Thais with otherview

Thais with otherview

Minotaur guard

Minotaur guard

Girl friend of secura

Girl friend of

Tibia News #001 New Main World - Go! Gamers
Tibia News #001 New Main World - Go! ...
Viaje a Elvenbane - Go! Gamers
Viaje a Elvenbane - Go! Gamers
Dwarven Caves - Go! Gamers
Dwarven Caves - Go! Gamers
Posted by Cipsoft on 10 Nov 2015
Darkness is about to fall upon us; the veil between the worlds has grown thin. Yet, a little light can go a long way. Team up with fellow Tibians during the upcoming Lightbearer event and lighten up the sky!

From server save November 11 until server save November 15, ten fire basins need to be kept burning to dispel the lingering gloom. But watch out: if a single light goes out, your world has failed!

If you are interested in helping, you may want to visit Lucius in Yalahar once the event has started. Also, some of our supported and promoted fansites provide detailed guides with useful information about this event so pay them a visit. It is also a good idea to check your world board to see if other players have already started with preparations for the Lightbearer.

Light up the darkness!
Your Community Managers
Posted by Cipsoft on 09 Nov 2015
Martel Besides winter2a new quest involving Ferumbras and minions of the Ruthless Seven, the winter update will bring along exciting new features: an arena system, a global depot and immediate skinning and dusting. But is that all?

Not yet! We still have more in store for you, Tibians. The winter update will also include a new hunting area with new monsters, new items and, of course, a new quest and missions. So shoulder your backpack, grab a few tasty snacks and enough resources, and then let's head off to explore Krailos!

Krailos WU News

Our latest featured article offers lots of information about Krailos and the creatures that call this land their home! We hope it may help to shorten the waiting time until test server start.

See you in Krailos!
Your Community Managers
Posted by Cipsoft on 04 Nov 2015
Thais - winter2 the streets are empty - loud cheering echoes through the emptied alleys. Where is everybody...?

Your eyes are immediately drawn to a new sparkling banner. You walk closer to have a better look... the cheering gets louder while you approach. What is this? You take out your glasses and read: You see an arena banner.

Yes! This winter update will bring an Arena System to Tibia!

Please note that teaser information is always preliminary, and subject to change. Especially the later mentioned limits and timers are still in discussion. We hope for your feedback on the test server!

As a start, arenas can be found in Ankrahmun, Kazordoon, Thais, Edron, and Rathleton.
Each arena fight will be set up by one initiator. By talking to an NPC he picks a battle type and sets the details:

Type 1: Last Man Standing

  • The initiator determines an entrance fee and how many players will fight.
  • He is teleported into a waiting area, other players will follow him manually. The battle starts when enough players have arrived.
  • All participants are teleported into the battle ground to fight against each other.
  • The entrance fee will be deducted from the bank accounts of participants.
  • The fight lasts until only one character is left.
  • The winner gets all the money that was deducted from everybody in the beginning, the losers will have lost the money but nothing else.

    Type 2: Team Deathmatch

  • The initiator sets the entrance fee, the team sizes, and enters the character names for each team.
  • The two teams will gather in the waiting area, each team in a separate room.
  • When everybody on the team lists has arrived, all participants are teleported into the battle ground to fight.
  • The entrance fee will be deducted from the bank accounts of participants.
  • The fight lasts until only members from one team are still alive.
  • The money that was deducted from everybody in the beginning will now be devided equally and automatically among all members of the winning team, regardless of whether they died during the fight or not. The members of the losing team will have lost the money but nothing else.
  • Extra hint: In this mode, specific 1 vs 1 fights are possible. To duel your friend, just set the team size to 1 and enter your friend's character name on the opponent list at the NPC.

    arena bottom arena top

    A special addition: Spectators are welcome! The roof of the battle ground is like glass. You can walk on it and look through it. Watch your friends and either cheer or laugh at them!

    Extra information:

  • There are time limits for fights and the waiting periods.
  • After a fight, participants are blocked from fights for some time before they can battle again.
  • There will be a limit for the entrance fee, too.
  • During the waiting period, players can decide against participation by leaving the waiting area. The only way out of a battle, though, is either death, victory, or a battle time out.
  • PvP features like friendly fire will match the PvP options of your game world type. However, all kills in an arena will be justified.
  • An arena death does not count as a frag in guild wars, and the usual death penalty will not be applied in arena fights.
  • Arena battles will be a premium feature.

    Get ready to test your PvP skills, Tibians!
    Your Community Managers
  • Posted by Cipsoft on 31 Oct 2015
    It is this time of the year again. happy halloween Evil forces are sending one of their cruelest and most malevolent spirits to the Tibian lands to wreak havoc.
    From today's server save till the server save on November 3, the Mutated Pumpkin will appear west of Darashia to spread terror all over the land.

    Everybody who dares to take part in the defeat of this creature has a chance to be rewarded, according to the level of participation.
    After you have actively helped to kill the Mutated Pumpkin, you can try your luck for loot. Also, everybody who actively contributed to the success of the fight is allowed to enter a portal in order to carve the pumpkin, meaning you can skin its corpse with an obsidian knife.

    halloween mount
    A faster way towards the fight might be a new travelling companion! Check the mounts category in the Store later today to have a look at the slagsnare, the nightstinger, or the razorcreep.

    All three of them might become loyal and trustworthy companions to carry you smoothly through the Tibian wilderness. Once bought, your character can use the mount ingame anytime, no matter if you are a free account or a premium account.

    Also, especially for Halloween, the famous Halloween Hare will be around again. This cunning fellow can be found only today and hides somewhere on mainland, on Rookgaard, and on Dawnport. Get yourself transformed into an evil creature to be prepared for the next Halloween party!

    halloween outfit
    If this is not enough Halloween Spirit for you yet, check out the new fashion of the season, which will also be available in the Store a bit later today. Look for the royal pumpkin outfit in the outfits category and dress up for your Halloween celebrations!

    Once bought, your character can wear this outfit anytime, it will not fade away like the costume from the Halloween Hare. The outfit is purely cosmetic and does not bestow any benefits.

    A spooky Halloween!
    Your Community Managers