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Knight Grisell - Menera

Knight Grisell -

SimSimi Tibiano

SimSimi Tibiano

Walker mount (: Julera

Walker mount (:

TIBIA: Lower Roshamuul Hunt 2
TIBIA: Lower Roshamuul Hunt 2
Lizard Chosen Hunt
Lizard Chosen Hunt
Posted by Cipsoft on 26 Apr 2016
Attention, premium summer update logo players! If you want to test your PvE skills in the new arena or are interested in trying out the new item effects, you are welcome to join the test of the forthcoming summer update!

All players who had premium status on April 18, 2016, at 10:00 CEST, have been invited to the test. So gear up, and do not miss your chance to try out the new content before the update gets released.
Please note that you have to use your account name and password from the aforementioned date to log in. Further information and instructions can be found on the test website and the designated thread so make sure to have a look before you head out to explore the new contents.

Have fun!
Your Community Managers!
Posted by Cipsoft on 20 Apr 2016
When waves summer update logo of monsters come rushing in like a flood, will you hold the line?
When the clock is ticking down relentlessly, will you keep your wits about you?
When your friends fall, will you leave them without rope?

Warriors and daredevils, fighters and wannabes, show the Tibian world what you are made of! Monster arenas are about to open their gates and let you compete for the highest score...
Pull together as a team and employ your most cunning strategies as you mow your way through waves of enemies. Emerge as heroes, forged in the fires of battle!

When I found this handwritten flyer next to Thais' depot this morning, I immediately knew this will make headlines soon. Being the intrepid reporter I am, I called some of my battle-hardened friends to jump right into the fray and provide the Tibian world with first-hand coverage of this new type of arena.

A few seconds after we had entered the arena, a hideous creature lunged at me out of nowhere. I took a step back in shock and fell right down a hole into darkness and thick mud. I could barely move my feet so I started to shout for help. A fierce battle was already going on above me. Luckily, one of my friends finally roped me up. Back on the field, I quickly realised that we were a bit outnumbered. One of us was in severe danger, surrounded by several beasts. My saviour was already rushing towards him, carefully evading nasty spike traps on his way. I recognised a barrel right next to me.

Without further thought, I grabbed it, pushed it right towards a growling monster nearby and ignited the barrel's fuse. I don't know what exactly happened afterwards because I blacked out, the last thing I saw being a large ball of fire engulfing both me and the creature.

My friends later told me that I had found a way to make tactical use of the highly explosive barrels down there. I was blown away (quite literally). We received a pretty decent score for our performance from the arena master but we aim for the top of the leaderboards, of course. So I'm already preparing for the next fight while writing these very lines.
I have attached a list with further information and provided the editors of promoted and supported fansites with a few more snapshots. Time for the next round...

Be bold, be fearless, be glorious!
Your roving reporter R.
Posted by Cipsoft on 19 Apr 2016
A new version of the stand-alone client is on the horizon, Tibians!
login beta small

Client version 11.0 comes along with a redesigned login screen and a launcher to improve the installation and updating process of the stand-alone client. Most importantly, though, Tibia 11 has received a massive overhaul below the surface. We have completely revamped the technical side of the client to make Tibia fit for the future.

Tibia's long development history has left quite a few marks on the code of the current stand-alone client. Its age is evident through numerous technical limitations that weigh heavily on its maintainability and flexibility. Therefore, we started working on a new version of the stand-alone client that enables us to go beyond the currently existing restrictions as we continue to develop Tibia further.

So far, we have focused on Tibia 11's performance during development since we know that a stable and reliable client is crucial for players. This is also the reason why the new version of the stand-alone client pretty much looks and feels like the current version for now - a look and feel that you are familiar with and that some of you have grown to love as we learned back when the Tibia Flash client was released. Before starting to work on new client features or UI improvements, for example, we want to make sure that most of you are satisfied with this version of the stand-alone client in terms of reliability and performance.

Therefore, we are going to have an extensive Beta phase to gather data and feedback that helps us to make sure client version 11 is ready for release.
A closed Beta test has started today during which a group of randomly selected players can try out the new client version for some time. We plan to run further Beta tests with other groups of randomly selected players later on. Players who have been selected for a closed Beta test receive an email invitation on their registered Tibia email address with further instructions.
Of course, we will open the Beta to everyone eventually so all of you will get the chance to experience and test the new client version before its official release.

We have set up a specific board where invited Beta testers can give us feedback about their experiences during the Beta. All players can read this board. You can also find a dedicated FAQ there which summarises important bits and pieces about Tibia 11 and the Beta. It may be a lot of information to take in but it can help to answer commonly asked questions so please make sure to read it thoroughly!

Last but not least, please keep in mind that Beta means that things may not work smoothly yet and are subject to change. As usual during test runs, glitches and bugs are to be expected. That is the reason why we are running this Beta - to find and squash bugs and to optimise the new client version performance-wise before the final release. Please also note that Beta testers will log in and play on the regular game worlds with the Beta version of Tibia 11.

We hope we can count on your help and constructive feedback!

Your Community Managers
Posted by Cipsoft on 15 Apr 2016
All this energy in the mysterious Otherworld must summer update logo be good for something, right? It is! By mastering the challenges, you can collect gold tokens which you can trade in for completely new items. Items that can be charged with cool new effects!

New Items and New Item Effects

The new items, that will be available for each vocation, can be charged with the following new effects:
  • Critical hits: When charged, your item will receive a critical hit chance and a critical extra damage value.
  • Hit points leech: When charged, your item will receive a hit points leech chance and a hit points leech amount value.
  • Mana leech: When charged, your item will receive a mana leech chance and a mana leech amount value.

    item effects 1

    The charges will only remain on your item for a certain period of time. You will be able to choose between 3 different types of charges for each effect, each type will let your item appear in a different colour. The types will vary in the duration of the effect, in the chance of the effect to trigger, and the extent.
    These new item effects will also come into play when you are using spells and runes in order to cause damage.

    You will notice when one of the new item effects triggers during your fight. Also, you will be able to see your current boosts and effects in the Tibia client. Have a look at the following screenshots to get an idea of what this will look like:

    critical hit small item effects 2

    With this year's summer update, it will also be possible to find items that have more than just one skill boost, for example, a ring that boosts your main attack skill and shielding at the same time, or items that combine a speed boost with a regeneration boost.

    Bank Transfers

    For premium players this update will put an end to standing in front of a captain in order to travel, just to realise that you do not have enough money on you.
    NPCs will now offer some form of electronic banking. If you want to buy something, they will first check your bags for cash. If they do not find enough money though, they will deduct the missing money from your bank account. You will receive an information about this in your server log.
    NPCs are not able to add money to your bank account. So if you sell them your hard earned loot, the money will still end up in your backpack.

    Please keep in mind that all things are still subject to change, since the update is still in development. Especially when it comes to the item effects, the upcoming test server will help us add good values.

    Have fun in Tibia!
    Your Community Managers